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Corporate Overview

Drivve was created with one thing in mind: to make dealing with paper-based information exchange a minor part of your organization's day-to-day operations. From now on paper-pushing can be isolated to a single place in the office. Just place your docs in the input tray of your scanner or MFP: the "push" comes the moment you hit that one button that magically transforms every paper document into a perfectly formed, intelligence-enabled "package" of info that your team, partners, suppliers or customers can share and, most important, act on.

Information Overload

Organizations of all sizes are producing more and more raw content, which means more documents. Whether they’re paper based or in digital form, "the page" is still the major source of information that we share, that we work with. In 2007 there was more digital information created than could be stored for the first time, and what was stored wasn’t always well structured, to say the least.

What’s the Deal?

At Drivve, we’re dedicated to steering companies of every size into the Digital Age of tomorrow — smoothly and comprehensively. To do that, we’ve created a powerful, fully integrated turnkey information management system that is so simple and intuitively designed, the average end user really can learn to use it within minutes. But our mission wouldn’t be complete without providing you with a support network every bit as intelligent and dedicated as the development process that created our best-in-class products in the first place.
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